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personal loan bangalore
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Welcome to Citibank Personal loan

Citibank offers easy to get personal loan in bangalore city, citibank gives personal loan to fulfill your dreams. Citibank personal loan process is quick and easy to apply, you will get loan approval in 48 hours. You can apply citibank personal loan online. One can check monthly EMI by using citibank EMI calculator.

CitiBank offer personal loans up to Rs. 30 Lakhs which is one of the highest in the country. It provides quick and convenient personal loan service for its borrowers who are free to use the money for any personal use like renovating the house, going for a vacation, wedding in the family etc. The bank assures the loans funds to be credited within 48 hours after approval.

Features and Benefits of CITI Bank personal loan bangalore

  • Citibank provides personal loan up to a limit Rs. 30lakhs which is very high as compared to other banks. Citibank provides personal loan funds within 48 hours (2 working days)
  • CitiBank provides flexible loan tenure ranging from 12months-60 months
  • Personal loan at Citibank has fixed interest rates which assure fixed EMIs throughout the loan tenure.
  • Top up loans are easily available to current Citi Bank personal loan customers.
  • The Citibank Suvidha customers get easy personal loan by just logging in the Citibank Online account and applying online. Citibank customers get privilege of minimal documentation and quick loan approval
  • Citibank provides the facility to consolidate the current credit card and personal loan outstanding so that the borrowers can manage their monthly cash flow better

Applying for CitiBank Loan on Personal Loan Bangalore

Personal loan Bangalore has collaborated with CitiBank for its personal loan services. Individuals interested in CitiBank personal loan can apply through Personal Loan Bangalore. We at Personal Loan Bangalore provide quick and convenient personal loan services.

  • Paperwork support: We at Personal loan Bangalore provide door to door service to the loan seeker by collecting the documents for them and submitting it to the bank. The users don’t have to worry about the paper work and need not even come to bank.
  • Quick approval: We at Personal loan Bangalore try our best to get your loan approved instantly by CitiBank.
  • Advisory services: We at Personal Loan Bangalore also help the loan seeker to choose the best deal available with CitiBank according to the loan eligibility criteria provided by the bank and the requirements of the loan seeker.

Citibank personal loan interest charges

Service type Salary Range Interest rate
Salaried- CAT A corporates(Net Take Home Salary) Rs 20,000-40,000
Rs 40,000-70,000
Rs 70,000-100,000
Rs 100,000+
Salaried- CAT B corporates(Net Take Home Salary) Rs 20,000-40,000
Rs 40,000-70,000
Rs 70,000-100,000
Rs 100,000+
Self Employed Professionals   15.00%-15.50%

Documents required to process CITI Bank Personal Loan Bangalore

  • Valid Proof of Identity
  • Valid Proof of Address
  • Valid Proof of Age
  • Proof of length of employment/continuity of business
  • Proof of income and occupation

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