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Personal Loan in Bangalore | Apply lowest interest rate personal loan in bangalore

Personal loan is a loan which is taken for immediate personal use. It can be taken for any personal use like for a vacation, marriage in the family, sudden medical expenditure etc. Personal loan doesn’t require any collateral security or any surety and is easily available. The amount of loan ranges from Rs.50, 000- Rs. 30 lakhs with a repaying period of 1-5 years. Personal loan Bangalore is a service provider to those who are looking for personal loan in Bangalore city. If you are looking for a personal loan in Bangalore then you are at the right place. Once again we welcome to personal loan Bangalore.

The demand for personal loan in Bangalore is growing day by day along with interest rates. www.personalloan-bangalore.com is dedicated to provide personal loan at most competitive interest rate. Personal loan bangalore offers personal loan at very less rate of interest and lowest EMI possible and no hidden charges. We will process your documents in the concerned bank and helps you to get personal loan as soon as possible. Based on your profile we will give you a suggestion to choose a bank and clearly we explain the terms and condition, rate of interest, processing fee, insurance etc. Once you agreed, then we will collect your documents and process your application in the concerned bank.

Bangalore is a big IT hub in India, where the personal loan interest rates are revised every day. Personal loan in Bangalore helps you to get personal loan at lowest rate of interest with complete information at your door step.

Personal loan bangalore offers personal loan from various banks like HDFC Bank, ICICI Bank, Axis Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, Indus ind Bank, ING Vysya Bank, Bajaj Finance, HDB Finance, Fullerton India etc. Personal loan Bangalore does not provide any loans, but we do forward your requirements to the respective bank and help you to get the loan as early as possible.

Personal loan does not require any surety but it’s just a simple paper work which includes flexi repayment with quick approval. Before taking personal loan in Bangalore, check all the details like terms and conditions, processing fee, rate of interest etc. For any of your queries, please send your requirements to info@personalloan-bangalore.com or call us on +91 9964959412.

How to apply personal loan online in Bangalore

Now it's easy to get personal loan in Bangalore. We simplified the process to get personal loan online. Anyone can apply personal loan by just filling an enquiry form in our website then we will check your eligibility or use our eligibility calculator to check yourself. Based on your eligibility we initiate document collection at your doorstep and login your file in the selected bank. Final step is to get your loan approval and disbursement.

Eligibility to apply Personal Loan in Bangalore

If you are planning to take the personal loan then you should aware about personal loan eligibility criteria. Different banks have different criteria for giving personal loan. You can check your personal loan eligibility by using our Eligibility calculator. Most of the banks have the personal loan eligibility calculator to make your work easy. If you wish to apply personal loan you must satisfy the bank that you completely fit in their personal loan eligibility criteria.

General Eligibility for Personal Loan in Bangalore

Age limit Min 21 years – Max 60 years
Employment Type Salaried/ Self-employed professionals/ non-professionals
Employment Status Employed/In-business for at least 2 years, at least 1 year with current employer/business
Minimum Income Minimum 15k net income per month
Loan Amount Minimum 50,000 – Max 50 lacs

Documents required for Salaried Employee personal loan

  • Identity proof
  • Current residence Proof/permanent address proof
  • Salary Slips for 3 months
  • 6 months Bank statements
  • Appointment letter and proof of work experience.
  • Photograph and PAN Card xerox

Documents required for Self Employed personal loan

  • Identity proof
  • IT Returns CA certified copies for 2 years complete set
  • Business Continuity/existence proof 3 years old
  • Education proof
  • Partnership Deed & other mandatory documents
  • Balance Sheets

Latest Rate of interest

Compare Personal Loan Rate of Interest in Bangalore

Personal loan rate of interest is varying from bank to bank, but personal loan interest rate depends on your salary or income, your company category, credit score or payment history and your relationship with the bank. Before applying personal loan you need to aware of personal loan details, please refer our personal loan blog if you need more information. Compare personal loan interest rate offered by various banks.
Bank Name Rate of Interest for Salaried Employee Processing Fee
HDFC Bank Personal Loan 11% - 17.85% 0%(MIN) TO 2.5%(MAX )
Axis Bank Personal Loan 12.99% to 24% 0.99%(MIN) TO 2%(MAX )
ICICI Bank Personal Loan 11% - 17.85% 0%(MIN) TO 2.5%(MAX )
Standard Chartered Bank Personal Loan 11% - 16% 0%(MIN) TO 1000 ON LOAN AMOUNT(MAX)
IndusInd Bank Personal Loan 14% - 16% Up to 2.50% of loan amount plus tax
Kotak Bank Personal Loan 11.50% - 24.00% Up to 3.00% of loan amount
Bajaj Finance Personal Loan 14.25% - 16.75% 2% to 3% of loan amount
HDB Finance Personal Loan 14% TO 21% 1%(MIN) TO 2%(MAX )
Fullerton Finance Personal Loan 17.25% - 35.00% 2%
SBI Personal Loan 13.00% - 17.65% Nil
Capital First Personal Loan 16.00% - 24.00% 2% to 4%
Tata Capital Personal Loan 13.50% - 18% 1%(MIN) TO 2%(MAX )
Yes Bank Personal Loan 12.50% - 16.00% 2% to 3%

Current Month OffersNew

Personal loan bangalore rate of interest starts @ 11.49% onwards for the month of . Super Cat-A and Cat-A companies will get additional benefits and special rate of interest. Personal loan offers will change every month. This month we have a special rate of interest and additional benefits. Below mentioned companies will get special rate of interest:

Personal Loan offers () - Personal Loan offered by various banks in Bangalore

Company Name Personal Loan Interest Rate Processing Fee Pre closure charges
Personal Loan offer for HP Globalsoft Ltd Employees 12.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for IBM India Pvt Ltd Employees 12.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Oracle Employees 11.49% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Accenture Employees 12.5% onwards 0% 0%
Personal Loan offer for TCS Employees 11.49% onwards 0% 0%
Personal Loan offer for CTS Employees 12.5% onwards 0% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Wipro Employees 12.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Dell Employees 12% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Cap Gemini Employees 12.49% onwards 0% 0%
Personal Loan offer for IGATE Global Solutions Ltd Employees 12.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Mphasis Ltd Employees 13.25% onwards 0.5% 0%
Personal Loan offer for HCL Employees 13.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Honeywell Employees 13% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Thomson Reuters Employees 12.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Samsung Employees 13.25% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Cisco Employees 12.5% onwards 0% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Mindtree Employees 13.25% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Ericsson Employees 13% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Tech Mahindra Employees 13.5% onwards 0.25% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Intel Employees 12.5% onwards 0.5% 0%
Personal Loan offer for General Motors Employees 12.5% onwards 0.5% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Infosys Employees 11.49% onwards 0.5% 0%
Personal Loan offer for Amazon India Employees 11.49% onwards 0.5% 0%

Personal loan banks

EMI Calculator

Personal Loan EMI Calculator

Equated Monthly Installments (EMIs) are the monthly payments that have to be paid in order to pay off the personal loans. The EMIs consist of part of the principal amount to be repaid as well as well as the interest on loan. The interest paid for each installment is higher initially and it reduces with each payment. Use our Personal Loan EMI calculator to know monthly EMI:
  • INR
  • %
  • Months
  • Monthly EMI
  • Total Interest
  • Total Amount


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Personal Loan?

Personal loan is a loan which is taken for immediate personal use. It can be taken for any personal use like for a vacation, marriage in the family, sudden medical expenditure etc. Personal loan doesn’t require any collateral security or any surety and is easily available. The amount of loan ranges from Rs.50, 000- Rs. 30 lakhs with a repaying period of 1-5 years.

What is the amount of personal loan one can get?

The minimum and the maximum amount of loan vary from bank to bank and also the repaying capacity of the borrower. However the banks and the NBFC’s offer personal loan ranging from minimum Rs.1000 to maximum Rs.15 lakhs or even 30 lakhs depending on the financial status of the borrower.

What is the tenure of the personal loan?

The tenure of repayment of personal loan generally ranges from 12 months to 60 months.

What are the interest rates on personal loan?

The personal loan interest rates by each bank are calculated by their own unique classification method. The interest rates vary from 12.99% to 25% for various banks.

What are the charges applicable for personal loan?
The banks mainly charge following fees:
  • Processing fees: The processing fee varies from bank to bank. But generally is in the range of 05%-2.5%.
  • Prepayment Charges: Few banks take pre payment charges i.e. they charge if the borrower pays the loan amount before the tenure. Generally the pre payment charges are in the range of 0%-5%.
  • Cheque Bounce Charges: Few banks charge if the cheque deposited gets bounced. It is in the range of Rs.500 per cheque to Rs.1000 per cheque.
  • There are other charges like cheque swap charges, amortization schedule charges, statement of account charges, duplicate statement issuance charges etc. which is different for every bank.
What are the eligibility criteria for personal loan?

The eligibility criteria for personal loan vary from bank to bank. Banks decide the repayment capacity of the borrower on the basis of age, income, employment and work experience. The criterion is mainly based on the work profile of the borrower i.e. whether he is self employed or salaried.

Eligibility for self employed:
  • Individuals in the age group 24 years to 65 years can apply
  • Borrower should have minimum of 3 years work experience
Eligibility of salaried:
  • Individuals in the age group 21 years to 58 years can apply
  • Borrower should be with the current employer for minimum 1 year
How to choose the best personal loan?
Calculate the loan cost on the basis of interest rates and other charges of various banks:
  • Choose lowest Interest rates: The personal loan interest rates range from 12.99% -25%. One must go for the loan offering minimum interest rates.
  • Check Processing fees and other charges: When going for personal loan one must read all the charges carefully. Different banks have different processing fees ranging from 0.5%-2.5%. Many banks don’t charge pre payment penalties which is advantageous for the borrower.
  • EMIs: The monthly installments change with the tenure. If the tenure is short the EMIs are high but the interest amount is less. But if the tenure is long the EMIs are low but the interest amount is high. So one should compare the various EMIs according to the repayment capacity.
  • Check out the eligibility criteria: The banks offer personal loans on the basis of eligibility criteria and this varies from bank to bank. One should check the eligibility criteria for personal loan in various banks to get the best deals.
How to get instant online personal loan?

One can apply by filling our enquiry form or cantact form.

How much time will it take to get my personal loan approval?

Once we received your application and all the documents it will take 48 hours for loan approval.

How can i submit documents to apply online personal loan?

Once all the documents are ready, our executive will come and collect documents at your doorstep.

Where can i check my loan application status?

You can check your status with us or respective bank websites.

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    There are certain types of loans which provide tax benefits to taxpayers, like home loan and education loan. However, it is not usually known that you can avail tax benefits on some other types of loans also.

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    Free credit reports, low teaser rates, no application fees and superfast approvals—banks, nonbanking financial companies (NBFCs) and loan aggregators are doing everything they can to attract new customers.

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    Here are some easy to execute ideas that can help you avoid a high cost loan such as credit card loan or personal loan.

  • Demand for housing and personal loans dips post note ban Dec 22, 2016

    There are very few enquiries for personal loans these days with people postponing their big-ticket purchases and consumption plans as a result of the currency crunch. At the same time, there has been a spurt in demand for credit cards.

  • Demonetisation: What a salaried individual needs to keep in mind Dec 20, 2016

    The effect of demonetisation is comparatively less on the salaried class as they receive salary after tax. However, one should be mindful of other sources of income where taxes may not have been deducted or deducted at a lower rate, such as for income from family business, from sale of property, rental income, etc.

Personal Loan providers in Bangalore

We are one of the best personal loan providers in Bangalore. We provide personal loan through our channel partners:

  • HDFC Bank: HDFC Bank is the India's largest private lender. It is the largest bank in India by market capitalization.
  • ICICI Bank: ICICI bank is the second largest bank in terms of market capitalization. It offers a wide range of financial services.
  • Axis Bank: Axis Bank is the third largest of the private-sector banks in India offering a comprehensive suite of financial products.
  • Citibank: Citibank is the consumer division of financial services. Citibank provides credit cards, mortgages, personal loans, commercial loans
  • Standard Chartered Bank (SCB): Standard Chartered Bank is a British multinational banking and financial services company
  • Bajaj Finserv: Bajaj Finser is an indian financial service company. It is the largest NBFC to offer financial services

Customer Feedback - Personal loan in Bangalore Write Review

Customer Success Story

  • Mr. Suresh’s Successive Story on Getting Personal Loan

    Hard work & perseverance are the two words which define - Mr. Suresh, who lives in Malleshwaram, Bangalore with small family, 1 daughter and 1 son. Mr.Suresh, a middle class family man gets fixed monthly salary by around 28K per month. After a long search Mr. Suresh manages to get suitable alliance for her daughter ‘Kavi’ who turns to be 29 years old by coming November 2016. The income Suresh gets from his job wasn't sufficient to meet all the family expenses that includes house rental and his mother’s medications, owing to that he doesn’t have any savings to do her daughter’s marriage in such a way as he planned a few years back.

    Suresh had no other option rather than preferring personal loan, as he manages his son’s higher education with his assets. With no proper guidelines and in a confused state, Mr. Suresh has approached us with his friend who already one of our old customer. We ‘Personal Loan Bangalore’ has expertise team, who can able to analysis all sorts of people’s situation and suggest them the right path to avail loans from top private banks of India like Axis, HDFC, ICICI and so.

    One of our team member ‘Mr. Anil’ assists his enquire and offers all the valid information about getting a personal loan in Bangalore like eligibility, loan approval process, loan limits according to his age & salary after analyzing Mr. Suresh’s situation completely. Mr. Anil, one of our executive suggests, according Mr. Suresh’s eligibility according to his salary pay that he can get around 8 Lakhs from Axis bank. Mr.Suresh seems to be pretty happy after hearing those words about getting personal loans from our executive. After Mr.Suresh acknowledgment, we approached the relevant team of Axis bank where they took care of Mr.Suresh from us.

  • Mr. Sahil, International Traveller

    After many years of hard work Sahil had finally managed to plan a trip to Europe with his family. It was his first international trip at 48 years of age. He had a good budget of Rs 7 lacs for the trip. He had estimated Rs 2 lacs per person for the family of three and additional Rs 1 lac for ancillary expenses. Sahil realized that he had overshot the budget while planning the trip. An old customer of ours referred Sahil to us. Sahil came to Personal Loan Bangalore asking us for personal loan for travel. He was confused about whether personal loans would be available for international travel. Considering, it was his first international travel he had little know-how about currency exchange.

    We at Personal Loan Bangalore started working on his loan eligibility as on an average Rs 50,000 to Rs 4, 00,000 are given in the form of unsecured loans from major banks like HDFC bank, ICICI bank, Kotak bank, Axis bank, and NBFCs like Fullerton, BajaFinserv and Tata Capital. After we narrowed down on the terms and conditions of a suitable loan provider we reached out to the provider’s sales team to fetch better quotes. We also verified whether the chosen loan scheme would indeed be the best for Sahil. Sahil’s income was not strong enough; the bank was not convinced with his application. We supported his case with different supporting documents. Personal Loan Bangalore made sure that Sahil’s trip to Europe was planned immaculately. We also helped him with the foreign exchange rates to give him the best rates for his currency.

  • Varun’s Dilemma of Interest Rates

    Varun came to Personal Loan Bangalore for a loan requirement. He was totally unaware of the procedure to get a personal loan. He was worried about the interest rates. He had used many online websites to find out the EMI. We at Personal Loan Bangalore work with numerous banks and NBFC’s to fetch the best interest rates for our customers. Solving Varun’s dilemma was not a problem for Personal Loans Bangalore.

    However, Varun was also looking for quotations from agents. Varun contacted us to tally an interest rate he got from an agent. The agent proposed a personal loan proposal from a NBFC The agent had told Varun that he would not be able to able to get such a competitive interest rate. Varun was going to be signing papers but he called us in at the right time. Our team took the case on an emergency basis and found that the agent had been pushing a certain loan was getting a greater commission from the lending institution. Our team found a better personal loan proposition and we explained Varun about how he was getting a competitive interest rate with us and plus the loan would get disbursed in a shorter while. Varun agreed to go ahead with our lender’s quotation and in the process saved up on the interest rates, saved Varun’s time for loan processing and also got backed by a more reliable institution. Hence, we at Personal Loan Bangalore always suggest that customers check with prevailing interest rates with us.

  • Success Story of Ms. Malini

    Ms Malini works as a Store Manager in the popular textile showroom in the business city Bangalore. She is the only source of income for her family after her father died in an accident a few years ago. She lives alone with her mother, who prefers to be as house mother. Ms Malini’s gets salary as Rs. 25K per month and it’s fair enough for here to run her family in this expensive city Bangalore. One day, Ms Malini’s mother slips in slippery titles, which cost her knees. Doctors suggest Ms Malini’s mother to undergo knee replacement which might cost around 4Lakhs.

    As Ms Malini doesn’t have any source to collect such amount in quick session, Ms Malini has broken completely. One of Ms Malini’s friends Mrs. Priya suggest her to opt Personal loan. With no idea about getting loans from banks, she approached us ‘Personal Loan Bangalore’ we are the leading financial assistance in the city Bangalore, we are the team of experts who provides valid and necessary information regarding attaining loans from top private banks like ICICI, Citi, HDFC, Axis and so in Bangalore.

    Our staffs assists Ms Malini’s situation and explains that it would be a simple process as her requirement is low and her salary amount qualifies her to avail personal loan in Bangalore that too from her bank HDFC, where she receiving salary. After getting confirmation from Ms Malini, we contact with the respective authority of HDFC bank to assist her in providing personal loan. Now, she manages to get her mother back to do house work after successful medication, by availing personal loan amount of Rs.4Lakh from HDFC bank.

Disclaimer: Personal Loan Bangalore is not a bank, we will pass your loan requirement to concerned bank DSA. DSA team will contact you to process your loan requirement. We don't provide personal loans on our own. Data provided in our website is sourced from various banks websites to help customers to understand personal loan procedure.

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